Meet Trish


Fine Artist and Interior Designer

She's had a long time love affair with fabric and paint.


Favorite Medium

Oil and Palette Knife


Favorite Subjects


An image of Cincinnati artist Trish Weeks standing in front of her abstract painting.

Trish’s works, marked by impressionistic wisps and bold colors, are abstract landscapes that provide inspiration and beauty to every space they hang. As a graduate of UC DAAP with a B.S. in Fashion Design, Trish has an keen eye for compositions, which enables her to build complex layers of color into her abstract landscape paintings. Her work comes to life through free and intuitive movements of the palette knife that allows Trish to intensify the depth and color clarity of the piece.

Trish’s colorful abstract landscapes have garnered national attention and can be found in galleries across the United States. Her work has also been included in private and corporate collections throughout the world.