Experience the Color and Energy

Experience the transformative power that abstract, expressionist landscapes by Cincinnati-based artist Trish Weeks can have on a room. The bold colors and confident application provide an imaginative interpretation of nature and timeless visual excitement to reside in your interior environment. Her scenes draw inspiration from the midwestern US and also layering memories from her global travels. The work resides in residential and corporate collections worldwide and has been exhibited in local museums. 

Trish’s vibrant work reflects her response to the things she sees that she feels breathe and vibrate. Her technique creates a tactile experience using simple compositions and complex layers of color. Those who have experienced her work in person describe it as “a dance with color”.

Work Featured by

  • The Taft Museum, Art in the Afternoon
  • Cincinnati Art Museum, Duveneck Society
  • The Carnegie
  • Lloyd Library and Museum
  • Columbus Art Museum and the Pizzuti Collection
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Upcoming Events

Solo show at Mary Martin Gallery Charleston S.C.

           Sept 7, 2018

Fresh Art at Behringer-Crawford Museum

          Sept 16, 2018

Hyde Park Art Show 

          Oct 7, 2018

Women's Art Club Show at Eisele Gallery

          Oct 19 - Nov 17, 2018

Essex Studio Art Walks

         Oct 5 & 6, 2018

         Dec 7 & 8, 2018

Two Person Art Show at Hayley Gallery Columbus OH 

          Dec 7, 2018